Our Services

South by North Strategies, Ltd. provides research services, communications assistance, and organizational solutions tailored to the needs of clients – public, private, nonprofit, and philanthropic – seeking to understand and shape public policy on the state and regional levels.

South by North helps firms navigate any and all stages of the policy process: analyzing problems, crafting strategies, honing messages, communicating ideas, advocating solutions, and evaluating outcomes. Moreover, because successful ideas require strong organizations, South by North offers facilitation and planning services to strengthen firms’ organizational capabilities.

The results: successful policies and stronger organizations.

The following table lists some of South by North’s services. Because the firm develops customized solutions for each and every client, interested organizations should contact the firm for more information.

Research and Policy Development Communications Advocacy Organizational Solutions
  • Problem identification & definition
  • Applied policy research
    • Environmental scans
    • Quantitative analysis
      • Surveys
      • Census & public data analysis
      • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Qualitative analysis
    • Focus groups
  • Fiscal analysis
    • Budget studies
    • Impact studies
    • Financing options
  • Strategy development
  • Program evaluation
  • Develop issue framing & messaging
  • Writing & editing services
    • Analytical studies
    • Policy reports & briefs
    • Opinion pieces
  • Draft speeches & public remarks
  • Prepare pieces for legislative advocacy
  • Craft communication plans
  • Communicate messages to journalists
  • Monitor legislative processes &
  • Prepare testimony for legislative committees
  • Represent clients before legislative bodies & administrative agencies
  • Advise in the creation & operation of advocacy coalitions
  • Strategic planning
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Process improvement
  • Effectiveness evaluations
  • Grant writing
    • Private philanthropies
    • Public agencies