Our Firm

South by North Strategies, Ltd. is a research consultancy specializing in economic and social policy. The firm’s founder and principal is John Quinterno.

South by North Strategies helps public, nonprofit, media, and philanthropic organizations address economic and social issues, especially at the state and regional levels. To that end, the firm analyzes data, crafts strategies, hones and communicates messages, develops programs, and evaluates outcomes. And because successful ideas require strong organizations, South by North Strategies also provides facilitation and organizational development services.

Since its founding, South by North Strategies, Ltd. successfully has completed a variety of complex projects involving quantitative and qualitative research (e.g., surveys, economic and demographic analyses, fiscal studies, evaluations, focus groups), communications assistance (e.g., message development, writing and editing services, graphic design, media relations), and organizational solutions (e.g., strategic planning, meeting facilitation).

The firm also offers training courses about the use of public economic and social data tailored to the needs of the people working in nonprofit, governmental, philanthropic, media, and other mission-focused organizations. Customized programs also are available.

Areas of expertise include labor market analysis; employment policy; demographic and census analysis; regional growth; economic and workforce development policy and practice; postsecondary education; poverty and economic mobility; and social insurance systems

A small, privately-held corporation, South by North Strategies is based in Chapel Hill, NC.

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