Our Services


South by North Strategies, Ltd. provides research services, communications assistance, and organizational solutions tailored to the needs of clients – public, private, nonprofit, and philanthropic – seeking to understand and shape public policy on the state and regional levels.

South by North helps firms navigate any and all stages of the policy process: analyzing problems, crafting strategies, honing messages, communicating ideas, advocating solutions, and evaluating outcomes. Moreover, because successful ideas require strong organizations, South by North offers facilitation and planning services to strengthen firms’ organizational capabilities. The results: successful policies and stronger organizations.

Additionally, South by North Strategies’ offers training courses designed to help nonprofit, philanthropic, governmental, media, and other mission-driven organizations use public demographic and economic data compiled by sources like the US Census Bureau.

The table embedded below lists some of South by North’s services. Because the firm tailors solutions to each client, interested organizations should contact us for more information.

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