12.03.2009 In the News

Hopes for the Jobs Summit

An article in today’s issue of The Durham (N.C.) Herald-Sun featured the perspective of South by North Strategies’ John Quinterno the significance of the Obama administration’s “Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth.” Said Quinterno:

John Quinterno, a policy analyst in Chapel Hill, said he believes the federal government should reinforce economic safety nets by extending unemployment benefits passed in the $787 billion stimulus package and provide additional relief to states struggling with their own dwindling funds.

“The economy is a lot weaker than people envisioned and that’s one of the reasons unemployment remains at a high level. And the sources of demand in the economy, from what we’ve seen in the past in the third quarter, has been demand that’s come from government spending,” Quinterno said.

“When that starts to fade out, the question is — Do we have any other sources of demand to take its place?” he added.

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