12.04.2009 Policy Points

National Employment Situation

New national employment data show that November was the 22nd-straight month in which the economy shed more jobs than it added. Last month, 11,000 positions were lost, and 10 percent of the labor force was unemployed.

In November, the nation’s employers eliminated 11,000 more payroll positions than they added. Also, revisions to the September and October data revealed that the economy lost fewer positions than first reported.

Last month, 15.4 million Americans – 10 percent of the labor force – were jobless and actively seeking work. Proportionally more adult male workers were unemployed than female ones (10.5 percent versus 7.9 percent). Similarly, unemployment rates were higher among Black (15.6 percent) and Hispanic workers (12.7 percent) than among White ones (9.3 percent). Additionally, employment participation levels were the lowest ones recorded since the mid-1980s.

Click here to read South by North Strategies’ analysis of the November employment report.

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