08.16.2011 In the News, Policy Points

SBN Midyear Review Featured In Local Press

Last weekend, The High Point Enterprise devoted a full article to South by North Strategies’ recent midyear analysis of North Carolina’s labor market.  From the article written by reporter Paul Johnson …

A recent report by an economics research firm indicates that any incremental gains in hiring by private employers this year is partially negated by layoffs of government workers.

The report from South by North Strategies covers the first half of this year, which was a period before the state of North Carolina, county and municipal governments imposed any further public sector payroll cuts for the new fiscal year starting July 1.

The article concludes …

“I wouldn’t be surprised if, over the next several months, we continue to see the same dynamic of public sector job losses weighing on overall employment growth,” [John] Quinterno told The High Point Enterprise.

The demand for workers in the private sector in North Carolina isn’t strong enough now to absorb all the government employees losing their jobs, he said.

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