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30.01.2010 In the News, Policy Points Comments Off on Unemployment Insurance Solvency

Unemployment Insurance Solvency

The current issue of Triangle Business Journal contains an overview of the issues related to the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina’s borrowing from the federal government to pay unemployment insurance benefits. Once conditions stabilize, steps will need to be taken to rebuild system solvency, and tax matters will come into play. On that topic, the article featured the perspective of South by North Strategies:

“At some point, it’ll have to go up. We’ll have to rebuild the solvency of the system,” says John Quinterno, who writes on public policy issues for Chapel Hill-based South by North Strategies. “This is one of those things you don’t have to deal with yet since you are getting the money to pay the benefits. On this one, credit the feds; they have kept things running.”

21.01.2010 In the News Comments Off on A Tattered Safety Net

A Tattered Safety Net

In a story about the use of North Carolina’s “Work First” program during the recession, The Charlotte Observer included the perspective of John Quinterno of South by North Strategies.

From the article:

John Quinterno, a social-policy consultant in Chapel Hill, noted that food stamp and unemployment insurance caseloads have been exploding during the recession, but Work First hasn’t.

‘What we’re seeing around the country with the recession is that this program, the way it’s been reformed, really doesn’t serve as a safety net anymore,’ he said. ‘There are some hard questions that need to be asked.’

21.01.2010 In the News, Policy Points Comments Off on North Carolina’s Changing Workforce

North Carolina’s Changing Workforce

Yesterday, John Quinterno of South by North Strategies, Ltd. addressed the first meeting of the Joint Select Committee on Work and Family Balance of the North Carolina General Assembly. Quinterno briefed legislators on the long-term changes to the state’s workforce, particularly the increasing labor force engagement of female North Carolinians. The presentation is below.

12.01.2010 In the News, Policy Points Comments Off on The Wages of Re-employment

The Wages of Re-employment

A recent story in The Charlotte Observer looks the issues that are driving increasing numbers of jobless workers to accept jobs that pay less than their previous ones. This is a function of weak labor market conditions. As South by North Strategies’ John Quinterno explained in the piece:

“You reach a point where, for some folks, they pretty much have to make the choice that some job is better than no job, even if they have to take a cut in pay or benefits,” said analyst John Quinterno of Chapel Hill research firm South by North Strategies Ltd.

Later in the same piece, he elaborated further:

Quinterno, the Chapel Hill analyst, said job seekers are becoming increasingly desperate. There are more than six candidates for every available position nationwide – and that means they’ll have limited bargaining power when it comes to salary, he said.

06.01.2010 In the News Comments Off on Understanding Local Labor Markets

Understanding Local Labor Markets

News outlets across North Carolina turned to South by North Strategies to understand the latest local employment data.