08.08.2017 News Releases, Policy Points

Ideas Sought For New Training Courses

CHAPEL HILL, NC (August 8, 2017) 
– Public, nonprofit, philanthropic, and media organizations today have instant access to massive amounts of raw data and the computing power needed to analyze them. They are challenged, however, to make sense of a seemingly contradictory flood of facts, identify the key ones, and communicate them effectively.

In response, South by North Strategies, Ltd., a research firm specializing in economic and social policy, is developing a set of training courses focused on the use of public demographic, economic, and social data. Courses will be tailored to the needs of mission-driven organizations.

To help shape this initiative, interested individuals kindly are asked to complete an anonymous 5-minute survey about organizational training needs related to public data.

Click here to access the survey, or paste the following link into a web browser: https://goo.gl/forms/VOZZ0JmX2jF32qCt2

Thank you for your input.

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