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09.20.2013 News Releases, Policy Points

NC’s Labor Market Recovery Appears Stalled

CHAPEL HILL, NC (September 20, 2013) – In August, employers in North Carolina eliminated 1,700 more payroll positions than they added (+/- 0.0 percent). That drop was driven almost entirely by a net reduction of 6,400 jobs (-1.5 percent) on ...

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08.28.2013 News Releases, Policy Points

Local Unemployment Rates Down Again In July

CHAPEL HILL, NC (August 28, 2013) – Between July 2012 and July 2013, unemployment rates fell in 97 of North Carolina’s 100 counties and in all of the state’s 14 metropolitan areas. Over that same period, the size of the ...

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08.20.2013 News Releases, Our Projects, Policy Points

An Analysis Of NC’s Public Mental Health Workforce

In August 2013, the NC Center for Public Policy Research, a nonprofit organization in Raleigh, released the first comprehensive analysis of the approximately 10,000-person workforce employed in North Carolina's public facilities that provide mental health, developmental disability, and substance abuse services. The ...

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08.19.2013 News Releases, Policy Points

NC’s Labor Market Still Battered And Bruised

CHAPEL HILL, NC (August 19, 2013) – In July, employers in North Carolina added 8,200 more payroll positions than they eliminated (+0.2 percent). While that monthly gain was the second-largest one recorded so far in 2013, it was insufficient to ...

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08.14.2013 News Releases, Policy Points

“Running The Numbers” Available For Pre-Order

(August 14, 2013) -- "Running the Numbers: A Practical Guide to Regional Economic and Social Analysis" now is available for pre-order in all global markets. Written by John Quinterno, the founder and principal of South by North Strategies, Ltd., a research consultancy specializing ...

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